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Lynn Grant Beck was born in Montclair, New Jersey. Her feature Dead Wrong was optioned by the director, John Rhodes. She was hired by Miracle Mile Entertainment to write the feature screenplay, Hollywood Hit. She was also hired to write an original web series, The Annex. Her one hour TV pilot, The House that Jackie Built, reached the second round of the Austin Film Festival and was optioned by the director Allen Martinez. Her sitcom pilot, Life in 2D, garnered her a fellowship at the Writers Boot Camp. She has also written a spec of the show Mad Men, “Paper Dreams.


Other feature scripts include a broad comedy, James Borkowsky 000; three romantic comedies, The Death of Art, Trophy Husband and Trouble; a thrillersThe Power Game; and a sci-fi adventure story, Jonny Was. Dead Wrong won an award in the WIF/MORE screenplay contest.

Lynn also works as a screenwriting teacher at Santa Monica City College. Before becoming a full time screenwriter Lynn was a Creative Executive at Interscope Communications, where she traveled to Australia to shoot the film Pitch Black with Vin Diesel. She was also an assistant producer in the MOW department of Kushner-Locke.


Before coming to Los Angeles, Lynn was a playwright in New York City. She founded the independent theater company, The Chelsea Players, and produced many successful Off-off Broadway plays, including Restaurant A, Magic Soup, Platform 8, The Game and The Case of the Stolen Identity. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with an MA in Russian Studies she traveled to Russia where she worked as an assistant director at the Nikitsky Vorot Theater. She spent six months working in Moscow and five months traveling across the former Soviet Union, including to closed cities. She also worked as an assistant producer at ABC News. She wrote a non-fiction account of that year entitled Adventure in the Soviet Union.


Other works include an anthology of poetry and numerous manuscripts for children’s books. Her love for writing and the arts in general was first fostered at her time spent at Choate Rosemary Hall. She currently lives in Malibu, California with her husband, children and Weimaraner, Koda.