Professional Screenwriter

"Having worked with Lynn on my first screenplay, she was paramount in getting those ideas out of my head and onto the page.  Lynn works hard and is not afraid to go the extra mile. Having worked with her on Hollywood Hit, I could not think of a better person to have fleshed out these real and funny characters. I can't recommend her highly enough." 
David Ara, Producer

Screenplay Consultation: $200
Includes thorough reading of a feature length screenplay, detailed notes and a phone conversation. (small rate increase if page length is greater than 120 pgs.)

Screenplay Consultation
Lynn Grant Beck has worked in the entertainment business since 1996. She has worked as a Creative Executive at a top Production Company and knows what production companies and studios are looking for.  Ms. Grant Beck is familiar with all genres of screenplays and teleplays.

About Lynn

Lynn has valuable industry experience having worked in the TV department of Kushner-Locke Company and the feature department of Interscope Communications. See "Contact Lynn" for a complete bio. She has numerous available spec scripts. She also works as a professional writer for hire, writing teacher at SMC and script consultant. Please contact her for rates, references and availability at:





MY MOTHER IS A BANK ROBBER (Thriller):  A suburban housewife must rob banks to cover her deceased husband’s gambling debt and save her daughter from ruthless thugs. Hired to write this script for Johnson Productions.

TRAPPED (Thriller): A mother must rescue her teenage daughter from the diabolical leader of a sex slavery cult. Hired to write this script for Johnson Productions.

CULT OF LIES (Thriller): An unsuspecting teenage girl must destroy the leader of a Goddess worshipping cult, who uses young women to punish the men who've wronged her. Hired to write this script for Johnson Productions.

HOLLYWOOD HIT (Comedy):  Two struggling actors are mistaken for Mafia hitmen and sent to Hollywood to persuade a producer not to make a movie. But the producer mistakes the hitmen as actors and casts them as leads in the film. Hired to write this script for Miracle Mile Entertainment.




DEAD WRONG (Comedy): Desperate to reunite with his young daughter, a down-on-your-luck sign painter agrees to kidnap a cheating spouse, but he kidnaps the wrong woman setting up a comical circle of vengeance. This script won an award in the WIF/MORE screenplay contest.

THE DEATH OF ART (Romantic Comedy): A struggling artist fakes his death to increase the value of his paintings, but finds it difficult to keep his secret when he falls in love with his best customer. 



 JAMES BORKOWSKY 000 (Comedy): A septic tank salesman from Dubuque is mistaken for his doppelgänger, who’s a suave French spy. The salesman is swept up in a secret spy mission and must win back his fiancé from the French spy.



 TROPHY HUSBAND (Comedy): A down and out, young stable boy is inspired by his trophy wife friends to find and marry a rich, older woman. He and his best buddy work the older babe market and find a suitable catch, but the stable boy learns the hard way that when you marry for money you must work for every penny.

 JONNY WAS (Sci-Fi): A twelve year-old boy realizes he’s an experiment for aliens who’ve invaded and conquered Earth. He is whisked back to their planet where he is raised as the son of the ruling alien royal family. Eight years later he realizes the errors of his ways and must enlist the aid of his parents and other captured humans to defeat the aliens and re-claim Earth.

 TROUBLE (Romantic Comedy/Road Movie): A down and out young man steals a rare ruby and kidnaps a young woman, but she turns the tables on him and embroils him in nothing but trouble.

THE POWER GAME (Thriller): An investigator for the Nuclear Power Agency gets a second chance to go after Japanese men who manufacture weapons grade plutonium. But he must enlist the aid of a woman who
may be working for the wrong side.



THE ANNEX (Web Series)Two telepathic children are recruited against their will to take part in a covert military operation. They cooperate in hopes of ending the program, but their success only convinces the government to expand it and round up more children. Hired to write this series by Unicorn Productions.


THE HOUSE THAT JACKIE BUILT (One Hour Dramedy): A Latina socialite's husband commits suicide leaving her broke. In danger of losing the house she built, she and her friends operate a male escort business under the guise of a book club and search for the lost money. This script reached the Second Round of the Austin Film Festival.



 LIFE IN 2D (Half Hour Sitcom): A 40 year-old cartoonist has a mid-life crisis that manifests as one of his sexy, young comic book characters. She comes to life through an iPad app to teach him how to be a man. Was awarded a fellowship at the Writers Boot Camp with this script.

TWINDROIDS (Half Hour Sitcom): Two high school freshmen adopt sexy, identical androids, who can’t relate to the logic of high school and turn the boys’ world upside down.




MAD MEN “Paper Dreams”
Don and the boys market paper dresses for Scott Paper. Don reads “The Feminine Mystique” to help him understand modern women, Betty explores her burgeoning sexuality, Salvatore is exposed to emancipated gay men and Joan stands up to her abusive husband.



Lynn teaches a television pilot writing class at Santa Monica City College.